Become a Mobile iPhone Repair Technician with Mobile Masters of America.

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Repair iPhones at your customer’s location, enjoy all that extra profit.

No Storefront, No Problem.

Any Local Coffee Shop Is Your Office.

Meet The Customer

Drive to their home, workplace, or neighborhood coffee shop.

It's Easy

People love the convenience of having someone come to them.

Fix Their Device

Most repairs can be done on the spot in 20 minutes or less.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate quick service so they can get back to their busy day.


Accept Payment

Accept payment right on your phone. The average profit margin is $50.

Square Card Reader

You’ll get a FREE Square Credit Card Reader.  Taking payments has never been easier.

Take the Course, Go Mobile.

You Keep 100% of the Profit.

Overpriced industry competitors charge franchise fees, require that you remit payment back to them for each repair you perform, and don’t provide continued support.

As a Certified Graduate of Mobile Masters of America:

  • You’ll never pay a franchise fee.  You own your business from day one.
  • You keep every single dollar you make.  Say goodbye to commission and kickbacks.
  • Unlimited technical support to get you started and keep you going.
  • Wholesale Buyer Account Included.   You get full access to the prices that the large volume buyers get. No minimum order quantity, no negotiation necessary.
  • Establish a loyal customer base in your home town, or take your business on the road and travel with your new skill set.

Less Overhead, Higher Margins.

Mobile Techs Make More


Brick and mortar shops have a lot of “fixed overhead”, (utilities, employees, storefront rent) , that increases the cost of an iPhone repair. By becoming a “mobile” technician, you can undercut the repair shops, turning their “fixed overhead” into your profit.  Use your bike, car, or local transit to meet clients at their location.  Work smart, not hard.


You will be offering a Valued Premium Service.  Customers are happy to pay a little extra for the added convenience.  You can charge the same price as the shops, or undercut them a little to make it an easy option for customers. It’s up to you.

Profit Breakdown

Same Repair

Mobile Tech Profit
Repair Shop Profit

Multiple Revenue Streams

Training to Refurbish and Flip iPhones

We'll show you where and how to purchase used iPhones with cracked screens. Refurbish these devices and walk away with 100% profit on average.

Big Profits

Step 1.  Purchase an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen for about $100.
Step 2.  Invest $80 in a screen and install it.

(Total investment is now $100 + $80 = $180.)

Step 3.  Sell the phone for $400.

Sell Your LCDs For Cash

The cracked screens you remove from iPhones are worth up to $70 each. Cash in at the end of each month for a big payday. You can literally pay your rent with the salvage parts you accumulate throughout the month.

Do The Math

Ex: If a cracked iPhone 6 screen is worth $30, and you only repair 1 iPhone
per day for 1 month…

$30 x 30 days = $900 payout

Outsource More Expensive Repairs

Samsung and LG replacement parts are expensive to stock and difficult to install. We'll show you how to set up local outsourcing networks that do the work for you.

Think about it.

Step 1. Pickup the device.
(Samsung, LG, Computer, etc)

Step 2. Bring it to your outsourcing partner.
Step 3. Go get lunch.
Step 4. Drop off the device and get paid.

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Company: Mobile Masters of America, LLC.
Address: 12230 San Jose Blvd, Suite 1
Jacksonville, Florida 32223
Phone: 904-717-7977
Fax: 855-648-1761

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View our pricing packages and course calendar.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks to Mobile Masters of America, I have the highest rated mobile business in Florida. I’ll never work an hourly wage again.
Rob, Fast Fix Repairs, LLC.



Why do we learn how to repair iPhones exclusively?

This answer has a few parts…

  • There are currently over 100,000,000 active iPhones in the domestic United States alone. According to recent studies, over 23% of these are cracked at any given time… that’s 23,000,000 and growing. There’s such a huge demand for iPhone repair that you can become an iPhone specialist and do quite well.
  • Our proven business model is low overhead… simple.  The cost of stocking Samsung screens is extremely high. You’ll increase your inventory costs by 300-400% by stocking these parts. The profit margins are much lower, and the repairs are more difficult to preform at someone’s home or office.
  • The business that does everything, does nothing well. We’ll show you how to set up outsourcing networks in your local area to work with other technical specialists. This gives you the ability to gain the business of customers that request computer, Samsung, and tablet repair, without actually fixing the device yourself. Establishing trusted outsourcing partners is easy.

EX: Customer requests and iPad repair:
– You say: “The repair is $99, and there is a 24 hour turnaround time for that repair with free scheduled pickup and drop-off.”
-You pick up the iPad and drop it off at your outsourcing partner’s location on your way to your next appointment. (Your outsourcing partner will charge you about $49)
-You pick up the iPad when it’s done, drop it off to your customer, and collect $50 profit for doing nothing.

Where are the courses held?

Our on-site training facility is located just 20 minutes from the beach in Jacksonville, Florida.

What do you mean by unlimited support?

You can call or text our support line for technical guidance between 10:00am and 5:00pm, 7 days a week. After hours support is available via email.

If I’m coming from out of town, do I need to rent a car?

No. If you choose the Accommodation Package, there is shuttle service included to and from the training facility each day.

Will I be an employee of Mobile Masters of America?

No, you’ll be an independent certified graduate. You own your business from day one. We’ll show you how to form a LLC, or establish a sole proprietorship as part of your business training.

Am I required to purchase parts through Mobile Masters of America?

No. However, we will set you up with a wholesale buyer account which gives you access to over 1,200 parts. We’ve gone through the headache and the hassle of finding reliable distributors with minimal defect rates, competitive pricing, multi-tiered quality options, and no minimum order quantity. By purchasing through the site, graduates use their collective buying power to get repair parts at the same price that the large volume buyers get. If you choose to purchase from another distributor, that’s fine with us. We’re sure you’ll come back.